High Security Locks

Give yourself peace of mind by installing high security lock systems

Make sure your home is as safe and secure as it can be by fitting high security locks to your external doors.

This might seem an unnecessary expense to you but consider this:

  • The time, trouble and upset if your home is vandalized or broken into
  • The cost and inconvenience of repairing and replacing doors, locks and other damage
  • The negative effect on your insurance if you are burgled – and having high security locks will reduce your insurance premium anyway
  • Your peace of mind knowing no-one can enter the premises while you are actually at home
  • The deterrent factor to a potential intruder who sees a robust security system and looks elsewhere for easier pickings

To get heightened security you need to use heavy duty door locks; these need specialist staff and tools to install. They are specifically designed to resist physical assaults plus they are pick-, drill-resistant and bump proof. It is simple and quick to replace your current deadbolt and upgrade to a high-security standard with the process no different or more complicated than the regular lock system.


High Security Locks have the following features:

  • Bump-proof
  • Pick-resistance
  • Drill-resistance
  • Passed the (Underwriters’ Laboratories) UL 437 tests that measure effectiveness against picking, drilling and physical attack.
  • Brass collar that is designed to spin under pressure thereby preventing wrench attacks.
  • Large thumb turn that makes the lock easy to use for those less able.
  • Protection against ice-pick attack with solid steel shroud over the bolt.
  • Resistance to kick-attacks with the high-security strike plate anchored directly to the wall structure with 2” screws.
  • Hardened steel bolt and bolt throwing mechanism are surrounded by a heavy-gauge tubular steel housing for maximum resistance to crow bar attacks.
  • Heavy-gauge tubular steel surround to the steel bolt and throwing mechanism to provide optimum resistance to assaults with crowbars etc.
  • Solid brass design is secured with
  • High-tensile steel mounting bolts secure a solid brass fitting to provide effective resistance against hammer or prising attacks.
  • Finished in brass or brushed aluminum
  • Patented key control system (key can only be duplicated by signature card).

Many of the deadbolts available are not bump-proof or pick-resistant. We carry a complete product range of Underwriters Laboratory listed (UL) High Security Deadbolts that are pick- and bump-resistant to give you additional protection and security.

We are the leading provider of high security deadbolt sand keep many brands of high-security locks in stock at all times. Some popular ones are:

Schlage primus:

Schlage High Security Locks have been supplying innovative and advanced security products for over 85 years and they remain at the leading edge of security technology. The Schlage Primus high-security system provides pick-resistant cylinders, tight control of key blanks and duplication. Schlage offer a wide-range of systems so whatever you need it can be catered for.


Assa High Security Locks systems are considered the first choice for a wide variety of applications. They produce top-grade locking systems for military, industrial and institutional use on a worldwide scale. They offer a patented key-control system with a cylinder design that provides unrivalled security in both robustness and key duplication areas.

Our Special Offer

A high-security system that is right for you. Talk to us now and we will advise on what is right for you and your circumstances.

High Security Lock Special
The special includes:

  • UL listed high-security deadbolt
  • Wrap around strike plate doubling the strength of the lock
  • Free high-security exclusive keyway plus free keys
  • Installation and service call