Rekey Your Home

What is Re-keying

Re-keying is a a method to change the internal coding of an existing lock so that it can be opened and closed with a new key and no longer work with the old one.

The Benefits of Re-keying:

  • It is the quickest and cleanest way to ensure who has access to your home
  • It is cheaper the replacing the entire lock because, instead of replacing the entire lock (which means replacing all the door hardware), you can have your existing locks recoded to match new set of keys

Why Rekey?

Many places have spare keys floating around. If you’ve just moved into a new home or a new apartment you need to seriously think about how many people before you were given the keys. Other tenants, service people, the last owner’s mother-in-law and many others may still have access to your home – and that doesn’t factor in who they might have given keys to. Every locksmith has heard horror stories about “the people who still have keys.” As you can imagine, lost keys create a LOT of safety issues regarding who has access to your home.

Mr Locksmith Vancouver Rekey Special :

  • Service call
  • Parts and labour
  • the rekey (as well as)
  • Security overview
  • 5 free keys!
  • And a Quality service guarantee

When you rekey the locks you can have one key made for all of the locks. You don’t have to carry around half a pound of keys anymore. That’s right, now you can carry around one key instead of 10! The front door, side door, and even the shed and basement doors can now all be the same key. A simple rekey only takes 15 minutes and it protects your home security and creates convenience in your life!

Re-keying is best done by a certified professional, as they will be able to insure that the new keys and key mechanisms work correctly and are installed properly. All our Locksmiths stand behind their work and will offer great advice regarding your home and business security.

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